Social Media Advertising & Marketing

With the Digital Age well upon us, and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & G+, becoming apart of the everyday air we now breathe, it is Silly as a Business Owner not to Branch your Marketing Budgets wider into Social Media with a Campaign that Can & Does Work.

Facebook & Instagram are the forerunners in the Social Media Advertising & Marketing Game, so they can end up costing you very little (as low as $5 a Day) to run your Advertising Campaign, while still getting you a Large Return on your Marketing Investment (when it is targeted correctly). These Industry Guru’s are followed closely behind by Twitter, G+, & LinkedIn to Name the top 5 of our time.

Just remember that NOW is the time to be even More Creative in your Social Media & Online Marketing Efforts, as both an individual & a business, because every good business owner knows that “You Are Your Business’s Heart & Soul”. So why not put your Business in the spotlight, Just by jumping on the Social Media bandwagon Today, before it is Too Late!

Then Tomorrow, one of Our Social Media Marketing Experts will guide & assist you on how to Raise your Brand Awareness, Generate Actual Sales Leads by Increasing Your Local Sales (by getting people to actually Step Inside of your Brick & Mortar Storefront) & Getting the Ad Conversions that will Drive Up Your Online Sales while Capturing those all important Sales Leads from the Actual Site Visitors, or maybe you just want to Promote Your New App that you made. Well, Together with TrisMerchant & Social Media Marketing, we can guide & assist you & your Company in Meeting & Beating your Online Marketing Goals for the future of your business.

Now you maybe asking yourself simply… “What is Social Media Marketing?”... To make it as easy as possible, Social Media Marketing breaks down as follows…

  • The Center of Gravity — the focus of the marketing activity — is located within the social networks themselves. When marketers operate social media campaigns, they are operating inside of Facebook, inside of Twitter, inside of Google+, etc. As they produce content, they place it inside of these networks.
  • Types of Content — the content is built to fit the context of the chosen social platform: short messages in the 140 characters range for Twitter; contests, quizzes, and games for Facebook, etc. Here, a brand’s best marketing campaign models their behavior after that of the individuals using the social network in question.
  • Objectives — generally tends to focus on two main objectives. First, it is used for brand awareness — generating activity and discussion around the brand. Secondly, it is used for customer retention/ satisfaction — brands can use social channels as an open forum for direct dialogues with customers, often around issues or questions that consumers have.

Within the Different Social Media Networks your Online Marketing Campaign has many different opportunities available to assist you in Creating New Customers and Driving Ad Performance - Below are what the Different Social Media Networks have to offer you at the moment...

  • Facebook & Instagram - Create New Customer Engagement, Awareness, Likes & Leads Objectively..
    App Engagement / App Installs / Brand Awareness / Clicks to Website / Event Responses / Lead Generation / Local Awareness / Offer Claims / Page Likes / Page Post Engagement / Video Views / Website Conversions
  • Twitter - Create Customer Engagement & Drive Ad Performance with Twitter by…
    CREATE ENGAGEMENT - Gaining Followers / Engaging with your Followers / Getting Video Views
    DRIVE YOUR ADS PERFORMANCE - Tracking you Website Visits & Conversions / collecting data on your App Installs & Re-engagements / Creating Valuable Sales Lead Generations
  • Google - Create Customer Engagement, Brand Awareness (Directly from G+ Post) until an Engagement Campaign can be set up Within your AdWords Account for Cohesive Marketing through +Post Ads.
    With G+ now starting to attract an audience that is similar to Twitter & the NEW +Post Ads that give advertisers the power to promote G+ posts on Google’s Display Network... Facilitating the Direct User Engagement right from where they see the ad, instead of being redirected to another site for them to complete the Goal.

A Few Helpful Links to Assist You in your Social Media Advertising Efforts...